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Entry #18

Well, I am quite the turd.

2014-03-07 01:11:51 by SirKillington

I am humbly approaching Newgrounds in a new light. I am going to be getting into animation. Who am I? No one in particular. But I hope you enjoy some of my stuff I will be putting out in a short while. I ask only for your patience as I know my stuff will take a while as I embark on a new path of animation. To be honest, I have always wanted to animate, but have been so lazy about it.

Unfortunately, I have been gone for so damn long, any following or fans I once had have probably moved on. But, life is cyclical, and I am looking forward with new vigor. I will still be offering voice acting for those who need it, but most of my focus will be in animating. Thanks to Newgrounds and fans alike for providing a great community and a place I can always come back to for inspiration and an opportunity to share my art, humor and writing.

Thanks again!


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2016-01-08 09:05:55

Hey are you and Ongokiller50 still working on that Combat Tournament 2? Or is it really discontinued? Cmon don't leave us hanging!