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Well, I am quite the turd.

2014-03-07 01:11:51 by SirKillington

I am humbly approaching Newgrounds in a new light. I am going to be getting into animation. Who am I? No one in particular. But I hope you enjoy some of my stuff I will be putting out in a short while. I ask only for your patience as I know my stuff will take a while as I embark on a new path of animation. To be honest, I have always wanted to animate, but have been so lazy about it.

Unfortunately, I have been gone for so damn long, any following or fans I once had have probably moved on. But, life is cyclical, and I am looking forward with new vigor. I will still be offering voice acting for those who need it, but most of my focus will be in animating. Thanks to Newgrounds and fans alike for providing a great community and a place I can always come back to for inspiration and an opportunity to share my art, humor and writing.

Thanks again!

Ha Rumph

2013-04-11 23:49:26 by SirKillington

I am back and open for business folks! I probably wont be on here as often as I was before, but I should be on pretty frequently and am looking to get back into the voice acting/drawing scene. I was thinking of starting a thread where every two weeks I ask everyone to submit ideas for a cool drawing, the best picked one for that round would have the drawing done and sent to them. Thought that might be something fun. so, we will see.

I'll be prowling the voice actors wanted thread, and if ya need help on a project, shoot me a message!

New Horizons

2012-03-23 07:53:53 by SirKillington

I am no longer on Fiverr, can't stand it and don't like to be obligated to only $4. So instead, I have taken up writing and am hoping to have this book done before July. It's gonna be pretty good, it's a strong story and a great ending. I don't know if any of you kids know what a book is, we use to open and read them in the day and it's one of the most powerful things in the world. So if ya aren't use to reading, polish up before I get this published :D

If any of ya need help with drawing, audio, writing or advice, my door is always open. All of you make up a great community I really don't understand or are apart of. I tried for a while (and quite ambitiously) to join NewGrounds, but the truth is, it is just a different world. I thought I had a grasp of what this is and the flow of how things go and the minds that run it, and it just does a complete 180 turn. So, I'm not going to disturb it, just let it be and try to help those who need it.

Thanks again to any who read or care, lol.

To anyone who gives a damn...

2012-02-27 19:28:59 by SirKillington

I am currently doing drawings of pretty much anything you want in pencil and ink for $5 measly dollars and coloring em for another $5 bucks of your not so hard earned scratch on Fiverr . I am also still doing podcast on Uncivilized Behavior with JaShinya and mrbipolar and we recently had a fundraiser none of you bastards went to.

All that out of the way, a moment of ranting, since it is something I like to do.

I think it is rather funny a man without success is bitter and angry, feeling like the one standing outside of the fun party and looking within through a window. As all those around are enjoying the plunders of their hard work to the top and others who attain so easily, the bitter and angry man questions. "Why!? Why is it that they are favored so much and I work so hard for nothing."

The truth is, there are some who work hard for what they get, even though they deserve more. There are those who work hard and get nothing. And there are those who don't work and get everything. The ones who work and get something back feel fulfilled and happy they are included into something, but it is a humble expression. The ones who work and get nothing feel bitter, confused, angry and unsatisfied. And the ones who work for nothing, take everything for granted, turn their back on those who helped them and see no value in the ones who praise them. The people who praise with blind eyes and never ending lust and hunger are the masses. They dictate the flow of success and the fall of it. Feed them the flavor they want and they will hate you. Feed them the flavor they need and you will be banished. Feed them something that makes them forget and you can fool them for a while.

What is the secret to success? .... I wouldn't know, I'm just the worker who is bitter and angry.

So me, JashinYa and Mrbipolar have started a new podcast called Uncivilized Behavior which I will be doing artwork and design for the site as well as one of the three hosts on there. Its really a pretty entertaining show and its only gonna get better with time.

I'm also gonna be trying to do some CD cover art for FatKidWitAJetPak for a collaborative CD collection he is putting on.

And......AND..... I competed in the NGfigure Voice Acting Competition against a great group of incredibly talented people on here. I ended up somehow snaggin' the Monkey Business role. I'm really looking forward to having fun and working with everyone involved.

Also (one last thing, I promise), all of you voice acting people gotta help out with deciding the next Voice Acting Contest theme! There Can Be Only One!!!!!

Alright folks, appreciate ya stopping by and reading my crap.

Welp, I'm doing Podcast now :D

VA Radio!!!!

2011-11-21 20:13:44 by SirKillington

The newest VA Radio is up! Go check it out at This Damn Place! Yours truly was on there, because the hosts decided to put up with me for a while :D Really cool group of guys and the "Go To" people about everything voice acting. I'm gonna be doing some artwork for them reference their logo and shirts in the store! So go Listen, Buy, Donate, Join Up (forums), and Have Fun!!

VA Radio!!!!

I am quite the collector of fine and dignified movies such as Steven Segal's Driven to Kill, Killjoy, Manose; Hands of Fate and the original Street Fighter with Jean Claude God-Damn. If you haven't seen this movie, do yourself a favor and go out and rent........... nay buy it right now. It has frickin' everything, superb acting, non stop action, everyone has a parachute or working parachute glider hybrid thing and Eric (goddamn) Roberts :D So good, just so damn good.

Here is but a taste of the absolute greatness in action, Enjoy!

Uwe Boll Approved!

Just watched my new Favorite Movie, D.O.A.:Dead or Alive

What are you doing?

2011-09-22 16:01:29 by SirKillington

You tell me what your doing at the moment, and I'll tell you what I'm up to :D

Streaming Live and Drunk

2011-09-21 06:55:38 by SirKillington

Yo NG folks, I'm streaming live on Check it out, hope ya enjoy my drunken fun with friends if ya toon in. So you know timeline, it is 092111 at 0355am Booya!

New Audio! Check it out!

2011-08-09 20:14:01 by SirKillington

A couple of Voice Acting snips ya might enjoy that I recently did, Old Timer and The Love Test Hope ya enjoy em as much as I did making them :D